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China's packaging machinery and international products are at a disadvantage
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From the enterprise situation, domestic packaging machinery industry is short of leading enterprises, production scale, high products few enterprises; From the perspective of product development, China is still basically in the stage of test imitation, with weak self-development ability, lack of pilot test base for scientific research production and little scientific research funds. In general, China's packaging machinery is at a disadvantage compared with international products in terms of product development, performance, quality, reliability and service.

Compared with developed countries, the product and technology gaps of China's packaging machinery industry are mainly shown in the following aspects: from the perspective of product structure, China has only over 1,300 kinds of packaging machinery, with a small number of supporting devices, a lack of high-precision and large-size products, which cannot meet the market demand; The quality gap of products is reflected in low performance, poor stability and reliability, unsatisfactory appearance and appearance, rough surface treatment, poor quality of many components, short life and low reliability, which affect the quality of the whole product.

China's packaging machinery exports, from "small" to "big", from the low end to the high end, present a situation of product diversification. The exported packaging machinery basically covers the existing product categories, different levels of packaging machinery have different sales markets. In the future, while maintaining the price advantage of China's packaging machinery export, we should increase the share of large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products export, and strive to seize the technological high point.

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