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What is pasteurization? You know where it came from?
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Pasteurization (pasteurization), which is also called low temperature disinfection, cold sterilization method, it is a kind of using low temperature can kill bacteria and can keep the items in the nutrient flavor invariable disinfection method, now have often been broadly used to define the need to kill all kinds of heat treatment by pathogenic bacteria.


Pasteurization resulted from Pasteur's solution to the problem of sour beer. At the time, the French brewing industry was faced with the vexing problem of making beer sour and undrinkable. And this acidification still happens frequently. Pasteur was invited to study the problem. After a long period of observation, he found that lactobacillus was the main culprit in making beer sour. Nutritious beer is a paradise for lactobacillus growth. A simple boil can kill lactobacillus, but the beer is boiled away. Pasteur tries to kill lactobacillus at different temperatures without destroying the beer itself. Finally, Pasteur's research result: with temperature of 50 ~ 60 ℃ heating of beer and a half hours, can kill the lactic acid bacteria in the beer and spore, without boiling. This method saved the French brewing industry. This sterilization is also known as pasteurization.

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