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The main structure and working principle of sealing machine sealing machine use of the note
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Sealing machine is often used in our daily life, not only when the factory products are packaged, but also when we have food to be stored for a long time at home.

Main Structure and Working Principle of Sealing Machine

1. The machine is composed of frame, speed reduction transmission mechanism, heating and cooling mechanism, sealing and printing mechanism, transmission device and electrical and electronic control system.

2. Turn on the power supply, the agencies start to work, and the electric heating elements are heated after electrification, so that the upper and lower heating blocks are heated sharply and adjusted to the required temperature through the temperature control system; the stamping wheel rotates; the cooling system is turned on and cooled according to the need; the conveyor belt is rotated, and the speed regulating device is adjusted to the required speed.

3. When the package containing goods is placed on the conveyor belt, the sealing part of the bag is automatically transferred between the two sealing belts in the shipment and into the heating zone. The heat of the heating block is transferred to the sealing part of the bag through the sealing belt, which makes the film soft and heated. Then the film surface temperature is reduced appropriately through the cooling zone, and then the sealing part is rolled up and down by the roller (printing wheel). The plastic film is bonded and pressed out of the reticulated pattern (or printing mark), and then guided by rubber belt and conveyor belt, the sealed bags are sent out of the machine to complete the sealing operation.


Use and operation of sealing machine

Check before starting, prepare:

1. The machine uses 220 volt single-phase AC power supply, equipped with a shell grounded tripod socket. Before use, check whether the voltage of the power supply meets the requirements, whether the wiring is firm and safe, and whether the ground wire is connected.

2. Adjust the height of the sealing machine according to the working condition of the operator.

3. Check whether the rotating parts are in good condition and inject proper amount of lubricating oil.

4. If the initial use or the use interval is too long, the dampness of the electric heat pipe may occur and the insulation resistance will decrease (which is normal), the low temperature preheating should be carried out for half an hour before normal operation.

5. Adjust the height and position of the conveyor table according to the size and filling quantity of the package. Random special meniscus wrench should be used to loosen the bridge gear nut and tighten properly after adjusting: according to the size of the seal, the position of the sealing Kundu positioning frame should be adjusted.

Boot operation

1. Press the power switch first, then the indicator light in the key is on.

2. Rotate the speed control button to adjust the conveyor belt to the required running speed.

3. Press the temperature-increasing switch. The button indicator lights up, and then rotates the rotating pointer under the temperature controller to point to the required temperature value. At this time, the green light in the temperature controller is on, and the hot head begins to heat up. When the temperature reaches the specified value, the green light turns off and the sealing operation begins.

4. Press the fan switch (thin material needs to be cooled) according to the need. The indicator light in the button is on, and the cooling fan is started.


Cautions for Use of Sealing Machine

1. Before operation, you must be familiar with the adjusting and using methods of the sealing machine to prevent the wrong operation of the sealing machine or the damage of the machine caused by other reasons. It is worth mentioning that all equipment can refer to this method by carefully reading the instructions before use, such as vacuum packers, heat shrinkers, etc.

2. Generally, continuous sealing machines have three-core sockets with shell grounding. When using, they should be grounded well to ensure safe production.

3. When the sealing machine is used for the first time or the interval is too long, the electrothermal parts may be damped, and the normal sealing operation should be carried out after several minutes of low temperature preheating before use.

4. Pay attention to proper selection of sealing speed and sealing temperature, strictly pay attention to shutdown regulations, and strictly prohibit sealing at high temperature for a long time, so as to avoid burning the sealing belt.

5. In the initial test, the temperature should be gradually increased to prevent the film from melting and sticking to the sealing band.

If it is found that the sealing band or heating block is adhered to dirty, it should be stopped and removed.

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