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Troubleshooting tips for bottle blowing machine.
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The bottle blowing machine is the crystallization of mechanical, electric control and hydraulic integration, the electric complex, the oil pressure pipeline is interlaced, the controller is various, the fault phenomenon is also strange, each is different. Large bottle blowing machine with tens of thousands of components, only if one of the components have fault, it will cause abnormal phenomenon of bottle blowing machines, and wire connection problems, there is a little carelessness, plus large bulky bottle blowing machine, in the absence of thermostatic bottle blowing workshop under the conditions of use, the influence of the environment is easy to cause failure. For this reason, the problem of "maintenance difficulty" of imported bottle blowing machine is put in front of us.

How can you quickly find out the faults and hidden dangers, and eliminate them in time? I think the first thing is to have a high sense of responsibility; Second, try to master CNC hydraulic technology and years of maintenance practice of bottle blowing machines think should look more, ask more, remember more, think more, more practice, gradually improve their technical level and maintenance capacity, can adapt to various complicated situation, solve the difficult problem, fix the bottle blowing machine.

1. Check the electronic circuit information of the bottle blowing machine.

It is necessary to understand the characteristics and functions of the electronic circuit system and PC and PLC programmable controller. To understand the alarm and troubleshooting of the electronic circuit system of the bottle blowing machine; To understand the meaning of the parameter setting of the PC and PLC blowing machine; To understand the programming language of PC and PLC; To understand the method of blowing bottle mobile programming; To understand the operation of the control panel of the bottle blowing machine and the contents of each menu, there is a lot of information. I think it is mainly to highlight the key points, to understand the context, and to focus on the basic composition and structure of the controller, and to master the block diagram. The rest can be "tour" and read, but each part should have a key understanding and mastery. The internal wiring diagram of the bottle blower controller is rather complicated, and the manufacturer does not provide it. So you don't have to figure it out in detail. It is important to understand the function of each part, the function of each board, the direction of the interface, the meaning of LED light, etc. Now the bottle machine controller model is many, update fast, different manufacturers, different models are often very different. Understand its generality and individuality.

2. It is necessary to look at the electromechanical chart of the blowing bottle and the electromechanical chart of the digester.

For each electrical component, such as contactor, relay, time relay, etc., as well as the input and output of PC and PLC, please specify in the electrical diagram.

3. Look at the hydraulic chart of the bottle blowing machine, and deeply digest it.

For the mechanical and hydraulic diagram of the bottle blowing machine, it is necessary to understand its function and context. And on the drawing, please note, for example, which solenoid valve action is the lock mode? What are the corresponding PC, PLC output and input? Indicated on the diagram, so that one rod from electrical to mechanical action, at the same time, especially for the parts of the machine, electric relations close to be the key to understand, bottle blowing machine adopting electro-hydraulic proportional technology, now want to focus on its role and function, especially to understand their adjustment method and data, static and dynamic proportional valve current and corresponding to the pressure of the pump, know both electric and machine, mechanical and electrical integration, to master a variety of skills, so that the ability to solve the problem.

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