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How to improve the international competitive ability of our country's sealing machine
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  The beverage and beer market of our country has developed by leaps and bounds, at the same time, it also drives the development speed of the packaging machinery industry. Since the 1980s, a large number of beverage and beer packaging machinery have been imported into China every year. Our country's sealing machine has developed for more than ten years now. Now there are all kinds of equipment on the market. The same is widely used in food, beverage, medicine, chemical and other industries, the use of sealing machine can effectively ensure product quality and safety, but also can make the product appearance more beautiful, help to promote the sale of products, beverages, food, medicine, chemical and other industries essential equipment. In recent years, China has introduced a series of policies to support the development of the machinery industry, including the sealing machine, which is an equipment. China has formulated relevant preferential measures to promote the development of the sealing machine industry and continuously improve the technology of blowing bottles, however, there is still a big gap between the sealing machine technology of our country and that of foreign countries, and many manufacturing enterprises lack technology in the production of equipment, etc. , the product quality is poor, the stability is low, the production efficiency is low, the product produced can not satisfy the customer's production demand far, such long-term development will not adapt to the market development. Therefore, our country's sealing machine production enterprises to break the status quo, we must take positive measures to further accelerate the development of sealing machine industry. According to the current situation in China, the development trend of our country's sealing machine in Zui in the past three years should be: study, innovation, combination of technology, starting from the production of sealing machine technology, improve the efficiency of the sealing machine and automation planning you alone, so as to produce the relevant supporting facilities, speed up the production efficiency of our country's sealing machine; China's small and medium enterprises accounts for a large share of the market; it has introduced advanced technologies such as mechatronics engineering, microelectronics, modularization and other advanced technologies, so that our country's sealing machine toward automation, automation, Functional Direction of development. With the support of the government and the promotion of various domestic industries, the development space of our country's sealing machine industry is constantly expanding. Therefore, the domestic sealing machine production enterprises should seize the opportunity and continue to develop. Only in this way can they go out, go out into the world. In recent years, with the continuous progress of domestic equipment, domestic equipment has basically replaced imported equipment. In 1986, the former China Light Industry Machinery Corporation of the Ministry of Light Industry introduced a 20,000 bottle/h beer production line from Khs through a combination of technology and trade, in 1993, the 36,000 bottles/h beer bottling production line with the current technical level was introduced from Khs Company. Through the introduction of technology, digestion and absorption, the domestic processing technology and technology have developed by leaps and bounds, china's beer beverage manufacturing technology and equipment manufacturing technology have also reached a new stage. Some of the filling and sealing equipment have reached a higher level, and the level of the packaging production line has also been upgraded, and has been able to meet the needs of medium-sized enterprises, some have been able to replace imported equipment, and export volume has increased year by year. Most of these machines are high-speed automatic production lines, high reliability, high output, some of the equipment is the world Zui for advanced models. So that part of China's beverage, beer packaging level of enterprises and developed countries, home synchronous development. Glass bottle filling and rotating (pressing) cap machinery, especially beverage, beer glass rotating (pressing) cap machinery and food packaging machinery, with high speed, complete sets, high degree of automation and reliability. Glass bottle filling spin (pressure) capping machine West Development trend is multi-functional, high output. We use bamboo shoots bottle and vinegar bottle to fill tea, coffee, beverage, soybean milk beverage and fruit juice beverage. The filling speed of Zui is up to 800 cans/min. Non-carbonated beverage filling machine filling valve 50-100 head, filling speed Zui up to 500 cans/min. High Technology, high reliability, full-line automatic control level and full-line rate, on-line detection device and metering device complete, can automatically test parameters, measurement; The high-tech products integrating mechanical, electrical, Gas, light and magnetic are the development trend of filling machinery industry at present. Strong supply capacity of complete sets. Such as a beverage filling line, filling and capping combination, real productivity and theoretical science and technology. The supplier can provide the engineering design, installation, debugging for the user, and hand in the user acceptance after Zui. For example, simulation design technology will be widely used to store all kinds of machine units in database form. After the digital drawing input computer, and then the actual production of indicators and data, . The computer factory will be operated by the engineer according to the actual working conditions to demonstrate the production capacity, the reject rate, the matching of the production ring and the bottleneck of the production line, etc. . At present, the technology of filling machine is widely used in the development, design and manufacture of food and beverage packaging. The development trend of filling machine is to improve the automatic control level and production capacity of the whole packaging production line, which can greatly improve the quality of food and beverage packaging production equipment and enhance its domestic and international competitiveness. High-tech, high-reliability, full-line automatic control level and full-line rate; complete on-line detection device and metering device, can automatically detect various parameters, measurement; 'set machine, electricity, 'gas, light, magnetic as one of the high-tech products is the current development trend of the filling machinery industry.

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